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Rita Duggan


"....We have always been agreeable on one thing, we are placed on this planet to spread whatever good is in our hearts, and that is our plan through yoga and art. Her natural kind hearted ability to help others, when she already has a full house of her own with a husband and three kids, is astounding. Even with her plate full with family, she is always there to lend an ear and never assumes any judgement.


Rita always seeks to be greater and better than she was the day before, whether big or small, personal growth is something she is always seeking. Her impressive artist eye never ceases to amaze in what she can create with her hands just from a thought, and what she is able to gather on her frequent nature outings exploring our mother earth. Letting the sky be her muse often in finding signs that we are on the right path. She inspires me to be a greater version of myself through diet, fitness and art. If she can inspire me, imagine what she can do and offer to the world!" 

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